Nannies and Babysitters 101: A Gathering for Parents



Saturday, July 7 10 AM - 11:30 AM

Do you hire, or need to hire, a nanny, caregiver, or housecleaner? Your home is someone’s workplace… which makes YOU someone’s boss.

No one hands you an HR manual when you work with someone in your home... and in a home setting, the boundaries can often feel fuzzy. We are here to help you figure things out!

How can you ensure that you’re complying with the new Illinois Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights? How can you find quality care, create a clear working agreement, and build a strong working relationship that lasts?

In this free 90-minute workshop, you’ll meet people in similar situations, gather practical tips, engage in juicy conversations about that elusive "work/life balance," and hone your skills in communication. You will also place your family’s story in the bigger picture, so you can advocate for fair pay, & the caring economy we all deserve!

Your $10 fee includes free coffee and tea, and access to the playroom. You can enjoy time with other adults while your little ones play nearby