welcome to aubergine chicago - your logan square venue - powered by purple monkey

Looking to host a larger party? A venue as perfect for bigger kids as it is for littles? You’ve found your spot!

Aubergine can accommodate up to 100 celebrants with seating for up to 70.


Same stress-free packages

From simple space rental to “the works,” each of our Purple Monkey Playroom packages is available at Aubergine. The same experienced and dedicated team serves both locations.

Pricing may vary.


fully-EQUIPPED playroom

While Aubergine can be used as a “blank canvass” space for adult events, all of our toys come out to play for children’s birthday celebrations. Anchored by a tipsy house and punctuated by a pod swing and see-saw, Aubergine’s selection of bounce on toys, ride on toys, trains, LEGOs and more will keep your little guests celebrating for hours on end.


endless possibilities

Aubergine isn’t just for toddlers! Older children love the open layout (read: running space) at our Logan Square abode! Does your child want a dance party? Need a giant space for a performer? We’ve got 3,000 square feet in which to make it happen!

Contact Aubergine

3530 W. Armitage Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647