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Preventing abuse starts with parents and caregivers teaching children about healthy relationships, sexual development, privacy and boundaries. Empowering parents and caregivers to have these tough conversations with their children and the adults who care for them is crucial.

Join expert Mirella Alexis for an informative discussion on keeping your family safe including:

  • Preventing, recognizing, responding to and reporting abuse
  • Recognizing trauma
  • Strategies to support children, families and yourself

About Mirella

Mirella is a survivor of abuse and has made it her mission to give as many people the education, tools, and confidence they need to help prevent child abuse. Mirella graduated with honors with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Columbia College.  In early 2016, Mirella founded Chicago Nanny Training Day to spread her love and knowledge about Early Childhood Education. Mirella is a firm proponent that early intervention is key in preventing and detecting child abuse and has founded Mirella Alexis, LLC which has partnered with several organizations including The Chicago Children’s Advisory Council.