On top of running two businesses, Purple Monkey Playroom, and Aubergine Chicago, I was recently hit with a medical diagnosis that had me undertaking my newest full-time job of recovering from surgery for 6 weeks. Weight restriction in each arm - max 5 lbs but more like zero. Range of motion - very little.

On top of the general mess that momentarily became my life, I looked around at the growing disaster that was my 9-year-old’s bedroom, and the detritus that seemed to multiply, exponentially, with each passing second.

Organization 11.jpg
Organizatoin 12.jpg

I didn’t have the arm strength to help her organize and sort, and she was losing track of where things went. I was reaching level 10 stress and frustration, without much recourse but to just wait out my immobility.

Organization 13.jpg
Org 14.jpg

Enter Brooke Glassman, of Organized by Brooke, my knight in shining athleisure!

As it turns out, she was completely undeterred by our war zone, and even had tricks up her sleeve to keep it from getting it that way again.

Now I know how to pull out a mess, throw away piles, and put things back again. And my daughter and I did a bit of pre-work to that effect. But what we were missing was Brooke’s trained eye. Which was exactly what we needed to start our new system of getting organized and staying that way.

Organizaiton 6.jpg

Our dog, Minnie Mouse, was eager to show Brooke the issues. And, as you can see, they were literally flowing out of the drawers. This was no concern for Brooke. After taking everything out and surveying how we could better make use of the space we had, she neatly put every article of clothing back in each drawer standing up straight, in a file-like system, so my daughter can see all of her clothing instead of rummaging through it.

Organizaton 5.jpg

Best of all, she brought her trusty label maker to label where each article of clothing should be “filed” so that we don’t forget after she’s gone. ***Never leave us Brooke! Never leave!****

She also expertly rearranged the Elfa shelving that had come with our home over a decade ago and made sense of a closet that never quite worked the way it needed to.


It’s hard to see in the above photo, but she also labeled every section of our hairbow/headband/fashion scarf organizer, so things don’t get thrown back in willy-nilly.

Space was created in drawers for knick-knacks that don’t need to sit out. Catch-all bins were set on the desk so that papers aren’t flying about.

Organization 2.jpg

All-in-all the project took about 2 hours, during which Brooke graciously allowed me to - uh - take a nap.

One week later, the room is still in perfect order, my daughter is THRILLED, and I can’t recommend Brooke enough.

Organization 3.jpg

Don’t tell my husband but I have grand plans to have her back for the rest of the house. And soon.

I have a mental road block when it comes to outsourcing things I know I can do on my own. But, it turns out, I couldn’t have done exactly what Brooke did because I lack her trained eye. And all of her patience.

If this sounds like you, get in touch with her for a free consultation. If you mention Purple Monkey, she’ll even sweeten the deal a bit - as she loves working with familes.




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Thank you again, Brooke, for taking control when I couldn’t, and making our family - me in particular - so much more relaxed.

~Jessica, Owner

Purple Monkey Playroom

Aubergine Chicago