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A research team from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (Lurie Children's) and Northwestern University School of medicine invites you to consider participating in a research study. The study is being done to learn about methods for classifying types of physical activity for toddlers, using accelerometers (devices to measure movement).

If your child is 13 to 35 months old (at the time of your study participation) and is able to walk on his or her own, he or she may be eligible for our study.

The study will be held at Purple Monkey Playroom in January to March 2018. If your child participates, your child will be asked to wear two accelerometers, one on their wrist and one on their waist, while completing different types of physical activity (including walking, running, standing, sitting, lying down, and being carried by an adult), for 20-30 minutes. Your child's activities will be video recorded. We may ask you or your child's caregiver to assist your child in these activities. We will ask you or your child's caregiver for the for the following information about your child: age, sex, race, and ethnicity (Hispanic or non-Hispanic). We will also weigh your child and record his or her weight.

If your child completes the study (one 20-30 minute observation period), you will receive a $30 gift certificate to Purple Monkey. If your child participates for most of the time but does not complete the study, you will receive a $15 gift certificate.

If you have further questions about the study, please contact Katherine Nickele (, 312-227-7076) or Patricia Zavos (; 312-227-7041).

This study is Lurie Children's IRB #2018-1527 ASSESSMENT OF TODDLER'S PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, Dr. Soyang Kwon, PhD.