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$5 Discounted Playtime at Purple Monkey

No. You don't have dust in your eyes. Your kids really CAN play for just $5 per child at Purple Monkey Playroom!

Liam 03092016.jpg

How? Sign up for one of our classes and stay to play (morning classes) for just an additional $5.  We offer the same deal prior to classes for our evening offerings. 

Right now we have five incredible options - all of which are held around playroom open hours, so classes are completely private. 


Spanish for Tots with Totus Lingua

Spanish for Children with Totus Lingua

Chinese for Tots with Totus Lingua


Zumbini with Alejandra

Gymnastics with Chicago Loves Dance

Many of our classes also have Pearachute drop-in options, so if you want to try one out before committing, check your roster for availability!