We admit it. We'd never *actually* heard of Little Monsters when Taha's mom decided that this would be the theme for his first birthday, instead of the trucks we'd originally discussed. But a Google search quickly showed us how creative we could get with creating these cute little characters. 

We picked up some all pupose pails, tinsel, rock candy and swirl pops and set to work on the centerpieces. We also dipped into our art bin for googly eyes, construction paper, and pipe cleaners, to create the silly bases that would hold the arrangement. And finally, little monster lollipops ordered online topped off the look of our whimsical decor. 

We then turned to Joanna, our go-to for all things sweet, to create a monster-filled dessert buffet, complete with birthday cake. 

Monster disguise glasses were at each child's seat and also provided a nice accent to the tablescape. Crazy straws were the perfect topper for the Little-Monster-themed gift bags!

Not even 12 hours after the party had ended, we received this lovely note from Taha's mom:

Thank you for a wonderful party yesterday! Taha and his guests all enjoyed it. Everything was done so well! And the ladies that were there were so helpful and polite.

Such a heartwarming end to a monster-style bash!