Liam Thomas was turning one in a week, and his mom wanted us to plan a Very Hungry Caterpillar celebration! Not one to back down from a challenge, we alerted our expert baker, Joanna, that we'd need a Caterpillar cake and sweet table stat. Our balloon centerpiece artist, Rosie, also kicked into high-gear to prepare some Caterpillar-style table decor. 

While tableware is usually the easiest part of our decorating scheme, Very Hungry Caterpillar plates proved extremely difficult to find on short notice! The only local site that carried them would not do a rush ship, so we had to dip into our creative stores to ensure the fun of the theme was still well represented throughout. 

First on our list was a caterpillar spotting/catching station. We placed magnifying glasses and nets a pail outside the tiki hut for eager Caterpillar spotters. We were thrilled to find leaf-shaped lights, which we used to accent the display shelf over the buffet, where we imagined a hungry caterpillar might be found crawling around.  

We served up "Caterpillar Punch," and a caterpillar candy buffet in coordinating colors, each accented with a caterpillar die-cut. We also thought the die-cut made an adorable addition to a chalkboard door-hanger. 

Finally, we tied it all together with a stuff-your-own gift bag station, with bags personalized by our designer, Claudia. Little guests were invited to choose a "caterpillar's friend" in a bug jar, a fun glow-in-the dark critter that grows when soaked in water. A second pail held "caterpillar straws," otherwise known as silly straws. The third pail had a choice of Scentos play doh in "caterpillar favorites" such as strawberry and plum or bubbles in an ice-cream cone container. And finally - little human mouths also got a treat from the fourth container - tootsie pops in classic and fruit flavors. 

We had so much fun planning your party, Liam Thomas! Thanks for celebrating with us!