Ellie is an expert in all-things Ponyville and, alongside Pinkie Pie, was the lead planner on her My Little Pony "Par-Tae."

First, there would be cupcakes. Vanilla and chocolate cake with milk chocolate toppers.  And the frosting was to be pink and purple. The Elements of Harmony were also to be in attendance, and were chosen in their 6-inch plush form (along with their Equestria Girl counterparts) to oversee the breakfast buffet. 

And then there would be hooficures. What's a hooficure, you ask? A manicure for ponies, of course! Thankfully Jenny, of Noktivo Natural Nail Spa and Green Beauty Boutique is a local expert in the art of hoofacures, and set-up shop with her non-toxic line of hoof polish in the playroom. 

But really, what good is a hooficure if you haven't gotten your cutie mark tattoo? Thankfully, a My Little Pony-clad Melina Stock was in the house and came prepared with her pony transformation kit. 

Last but not least, the birthday girl requested her favorite Purple Monkey party fixture - the bubble machine. 

Each child took home their choice of a My Little Pony water bottle or an assorted theme activity pack. We had a blast celebrating Pony-style!